These are the works we inspired from the fruits or vegatables. Based on the fruits’ or vegatebles’ joining details, we recreate our designs. All of them are small parts of a performative wall.

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Field Trip – Antalya Akseki

Dandelion have been in Antalya, Akseki for few days thanks to field trip between 9-13 April 2015.

Firstly, the group tried to discover the structural system of the some houses in villages of Akseki. Everybody made some sketches and at night the group talk about the houses and the scketches of the houses (Düğmeli evler).Then One of the presentation groups made a presentation of their topic which is anounced before trip.
Next day, the trip has started in Akseki, Sarıhacılar Village again. 6 groups are created in order to collecting information and discovering the spesific sites of the village. Groups have worked for hours and made some scetches, plans, sections and diagrams are made by them about every spesific site and the village .After that tiring and freezing work, Dandelion spent their time at Side untill the evening.Lastly, everybody shared the informations that thet collected and basic models of sites are produced.
The last working day of the trip started in great weather in Aspendos Theatre. Dandelion tried to draw section of the theatre.After this quick drawing-sketching session the groups went Sarıhacılar and collected more informations of their sites for the purpose of seeing the areas from different perspectives, trying to understand the relations between neigbourhood sites and houses and the characteristics of the sites. Then, after another tiresome working day Dandelion took a rest and relaxed before the itinerary.

You can watch some videos here;